Saturday, July 13, 2013

Be Still

The older I get, the more quickly time flies. It seems like just yesterday, Brienne was taking her first steps. But in reality, she's almost 10 years old. That seems unbelievable to me.

Oftentimes, I feel like my life is a nonstop string of busyness. Cleaning, kissing booboos, changing diapers, listening to concerns, cooking, reading stories, giving baths. Sometimes it feels like I don't have the luxury to be still long enough to gather my thoughts.

But today was different. Today, we danced. 

Music was playing on the iPod and Brie was singing and dancing. Jonah watched her for a second then said in his sweet little voice, "Come on. Let's dance." So I scooped Vivienne up, grabbed Jonah's hand. And we danced. Just thinking about this simple act brings tears to my eyes. The pure unadulterated happiness emanating from my kids. Vivi squealing with delight as we twirled around the kitchen, Jonah giggling as we jumped to the beat, Brie laughing. Even her horror at my dancing, "Mom, stop. You're gonna give me nightmares," left us in stitches. Such a simple act - dancing in the kitchen - but one that refreshed my soul.

Later, I was busy again, doing laundry and putting away dishes. Wishing I could take a break. So I did. I stopped just for a moment to listen. And I heard Jonah singing, "Holy, Holy". What precious words of praise that he has learned, and it reminds me of God's goodness. His holiness. That He created me. The God of the universe actually took the time to dream me up and breathe life into me. He has blessed me and Peter with these three kids that fill our world with chaos and frustration and giggles and love. 

And then Jonah finished singing. "Good singing, me," he said. No self esteem issues for that sweet boy. He's too young for negative self-talk. There was only contentment and joy with the song he has sung. And I think, God must love that innocent, precious praise. Good singing, sweet boy. Good singing.

My heart is full.


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